Size: Metropolis
Population: 150,000
Demographics: Mixed
Government: hereditary monarchy
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Ruler: King Mathias Veril


Lyria's main economy is agricultural production and fishing. Also, due to the abundance of farmland in the Lisarian Grasslands, there is a good amount of gold within the Alleria Range. This gold is then exported to other areas of the world. Cirnes mostly trades with the nations of Caran due to being the closest continent to them, but they have trading companies that focus mainly on the export and import to other far off continents such as Vadalani and Skagrod.


When the rebellion began in the city against Thelanian rule (see Fight for freedom), the city was under marshal rule by the Vigils; however, as time passed, the magisters that were elected have sided with the resistance and slowly began retaking control of the districts to maintain order during such troubled times.


Lyria is located within the Lisarian Grasslands and is surrounded by mostly farmlands with some small forests around the perimeter. It is also situated right on the coast and faces the great ocean.


Originally called the city of Cirnes, it used to be City of Nothing but Pirates, Thieves and Scum of the Earth; however, after the destruction of the ancient city of Veril, the old government seized the city and renamed it Lyria. The island was then renamed Cirnes in memory of the city's former name. Since then, the city has grown in size and has become a cosmopolitan hub for many different races and cultures.

People come to the island for many reasons: money, glory, and/or a new way of life. Regardless of their reasons, Cirnes has become a rather large city for such a small island.


Lyria is a mixed city with almost every race imaginable walking its streets, though the largest population are Caranians (50% of the city).


Like its people, Lyria has a mix of religion and there isn't a dedicated god that has a large enough influence in the city; however, the Allerian Pantheon have the most influence in the Temple District. Despite being tolerant of most religions, religions of the Cult category remain outlawed and banned from open worship. The church of Yarnos is tolerated due to its active role in the community, even though the Allerian Pantheon questions their motives. Kamus, though not outlawed, does not have an open temple in the city, nor do Shade or Lyvalia. Worship of The Ancients is accepted, but there are no active temples within any of the districts for them.


The City of Lyria is divided into districts so that it can operate smoother and more effectively. These districts are ran by a district minister, which are selected players from within the game. These districts are located in the channel #Aldium-Lyria. Click on a district on the map to get more information.

An overhead view of Lyria and her districts

City Size

Below is a small grid chart that shows just how big the city is on a scale. See Exploration and Movement for traveling distances. Keep in mind, however, that despite the distances covered, it is still a city; any distance above 50 feet is extremely hazardous to the traveler.

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