Type: Lycanthrope, Shape-changer
Environment: Any
Alignment: Any non lawful

A Lycanthrope is a humanoid creature that can change its shape into that of a specific animal and into a hybrid shape between the two. Lycanthropes are distinguished taxonomically from other shape-changers by the addition of the prefix were- to their names. Though they are not necessarily evil, they are generally hated by human society, which almost always sees them as violent, bestial, and diseased creatures.

Natural and afflicted Lycanthropes

Two types of Lycanthropes exist: those who are born with the condition, also known as natural Lycanthropes, and those who acquire it during their lifetime, either through a curse or through a disease called Lycanthropy; these are known as afflicted Lycanthropes.

Natural Lycanthropes have lived with their condition their entire life and generally have control over their transformation. Afflicted Lycanthropes often change involuntarily (generally triggered by the full moon), and have little awareness of their animal or hybrid forms, often turning aggressive and homicidal. Most legends of the violent Lycanthrope come from this latter group.

Lycanthropic features

All Lycanthropes have a peculiar connection to the moon. It often triggers transformation in afflicted Lycanthropes, and gives them all a vulnerability to silver, a metal long associated with that heavenly body. Lycanthropes are generally resistant to most weapons, although magic affects them normally. Weapons edged in silver can hurt and kill a Lycanthrope as easily as a normal human. When killed, a Lycanthrope always reverts to its humanoid form.

Natural Lycanthropes carry the disease Lycanthropy and can infect others through a bite or a scratch, or pass it on to their offspring.

Lycanthropes in Aldium

In Aldium, only three types of Lycanthropes exist:

Werebear: Werebears are found in Skagrod and other colder climates, where they hunt evil creatures.

Weretiger: Fierce Weretigers stalk jungle regions and are commonly found in the Deino Region.

Werewolf: Werewolves are among the best-known of the Lycanthropes. They are the often violent scourge of small communities, waiting along empty roads or on the outskirts of towns to catch and kill their unsuspecting victims. They are found in every corner of the world.

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