Loxis Prison Break

Ryoko, Surelia Novariel (Variel as GMPC helper)

XP: 1600
GP: 1000 gp each

The group sailed to Calihar|| for a job handed to them by a shadow broker in the Lyrian SSO syndicate. They were to break out an imprisoned noble's daughter from the city state of Westgate, a militant city in iron towers whose allegiance and emulation of devils allowed them to fight off the Dajarans and remain independent in the Dajaran Wars.

The group charmed guards, survived an ambush by a wererat bandit gang in the streets, traversed sewers where they fought green slime terrain and a sewage-imbued water elemental. THey snuck underneath a maximum security dungeon, and fought a young kyton acting as the warden before rescuing the noble's daughter and escaping the city heavily injured and near death.

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