Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Capital: Calihar
Ruler: Gil Breilen
Government: Hereditary Monarchy
Demonym: Loxians
Adjective: Loxian

The kingdom of Loxis is the largest human kingdom in all the regions.


The kingdom of Loxis can trace its roots to wandering human tribes around the Grasslands that started to band together and form villages and small communities. As time passed, at around the year 2E 1,000, the capital of Calihar was established and a king was crowned. King Loxis, which the kingdom was named after, was the first one to officially carry this title.


Like many nations that got founded, Loxis is no exception to having a bloody and brutal past. The founding originated as a means for the local tribes and clans to amass their numbers to defend themselves from creatures such as orcs, hobgoblins, and ogres. At this time in Caran's history, they greatly outnumbered the human population. Four original clans banded together to establish a local network of defense and communication against the invading hordes and, once peace came, expansion began.


The expansion of Loxis itself was rather passive, as more and more human clans unified and saw the benefits or being part of something bigger than themselves. Most small tribal kingdoms willingly asked to become a part of Loxis. Of course, some fought against it, but they where fighting an enemy humans could not defeat. Time after time, expansion won as more and more human clans and tribes continued their unification of Loxis until all of the grasslands and the Loxian Plains became one unified kingdom. There were wars and petty conflicts, as expected in any expansion, but most don't really care enough to read about them, as they were so long ago; a lot of the existing major cities were capitals for these ancient tribes and clans.


Loxis is ruled by Gil Breilen and a group of advisers called the Dragon Council. The Council consists of men not necessarily of noble blood, but men who have experience in handling certain affairs within the kingdom, such as the military advisor and the state treasurer. Despite of this, there is a requirement for anyone to even qualify for the dragon council; however, most must have served at least 20 years in government services and affairs within the kingdom. This means the average member of the dragon council is between the ages of 38 and 45.


The loxian military is as varied as humans themselves, from special infiltration units, heavy and light infantry, to cavalry units and spell casters. the kingdom has dedicated a huge budget to up-keeping and expanding its military forces; the most notable of the branches, however, are the Loxian Marines, their elite military unit.

Noble Houses

All of the noble houses in the kingdom of Loxis are related to the royal family, usually appointed as dukes or counts of a particular region of the kingdom.


The kingdom covers all of the Loxian Plains and the Grasslands, having access to forests, mines and plentiful farmlands. It's actually a very common sight to see farmhands working the fields in the various cities and settlements within the kingdom. Due to heavy logging in the past, the forests that are within the kingdom are not as big or spectacular as the Silver Forest, but they are big enough to provide the basic needs and refuge some seek within them.

Many roads are seen within the kingdom, making travel by land rather easy. The Caran River provides a quick means to head north or south of the kingdom and into the ocean by means of small boats and ferries.


Loxis is mostly a human kingdom with a lot of half elves that come from the kingdom of Lara or are born in small settlements. Due to this kingdom having the highest concentration of human population, it also has the highest rate of plane-touched (see Races). Roughly one out of every one hundred humans in the kingdom is a plane-touched of some sort, though this doesn't make them any more or any less accepted in the respected society and cities from where they come. The kingdom as a whole has moderate education, thanks to the efforts of the government and its eductation program which provides free public schooling in the major cities (and occasionally has school houses in the smaller villages). Because of this initiative, illiteracy has been nearly eradicated; the average commoner in the kingdom of Loxis can read and write, even though they may be ignorant to other knowledges.

Slavery is legal within the kingdom, but it has a small impact on society and there is a very small population, unlike the kingdom of Msika; this is in fact due to the government not wanting to rely on slave labor for most of their tasks, and instead wishing to maintain working relationships with crafter and builder guilds.


The Allerian Pantheon is the ruling religious body of the kingdom of Loxis, and the degree of worship for each god varies depending on the city and area of the kingdom. Gods from Cults are forbidden to be worshiped openly and do so in hidden sects in the cities or in the wilderness. Each religion has a cardinal within the capital city that looks over their worshipers and the needs of their individual churches, where as the archbishop (usually a worshiper of Avasir) looks over the needs of the Allerian Pantheon as a whole.


The symbol for the nation of Loxis is the north star Ulsis, which sailors and travelers use to find their way. There are countless designs in which the star symbol for the country can be seen in however the most popular and common one is the start being painted the color inside a triangle with a tan background. The design was drawn by one of the famous artists of the kingdom over 300 years ago and it just became the most popular version.


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