Liya Compendium

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Random facts.

1. Liya are all over the known world and do not have a city of their own usually blend into existing ones.
2. Liya are unpredictable.
3. Liya are Beastfolk, not outsiders.
4. Liya do not have claws just slightly thicker nails than humans.
5. Liya originally came from the Southern island of Rithia Called southern Rithia over 1,000 years ago. Most Rithians still call them southern Rithians
6. Liya speak Rithian as their native language but have a different dialect and accent to it most call it Southern Rithian.
7. Despite the stereotype that most are stupid, Liya are pretty smart just usually not educated in a school sense.

Random cultural facts

1. Liya tend to get along with Elves and can usually be found in their cities.
2. Liya have a tribal mentality and most of their communities revolve around it. Many subcultures within their own.
3. Liya communities are mostly Matriarchal in nature however there are a few where they are ran by males.
4. Their culture varies from tribe to tribe, city to city very much like humans.
5. Its well known that Liya tend to have a pack mentality and picking on one usually leads to the stronger members of that pride to come after you unless you leave them alone.
6. Racial slurs that might offend them usually comments that have to do with animals and cats.

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