Listran Compendium

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Random facts.

1. Listrans are a type of elven race but focus on non magical concepts similar to human culture.
2. Listrans Hail from the Continent called Ailar
3. Most Listrans worship the main pantheon of gods specifically the ruling 8.
4. Listrans are well trained in the art of warfare specially light infantry.

Random cultural facts

1. Racial slurs that may offend a Listran. Imp (from the word imperial), long ear, and others.
2. Listrans own a lot of random colonies and commonwealths throughout the known world the Isle of Cirnes where the main roleplay takes place is a commonwealth of theirs.
3. Listrans are typically well educated regardless of background.
4. Listrans have stopped territorial expansion for almost 500 years however its assumed by most that they still are expanding.
5. Most Listrans are lawful neutral and generally don't favor chaos and disorganization.
6. Listran culture typically has a ancient roman feel to it but in a fantasy world.

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