Lisarian Grasslands
Lisarian Grasslands

The lisarian grasslands is where most of the Cirnes population lives. The city of Lyria resides in this area.


The Lisarian Grasslands is full of fertile soil and small forests, making it perfect to grow crops and raise livestock. The fertility of the land is due to having little to no rocky soil - it's no wonder most people of the island come here to live. The Lisarian Grasslands is also, because the coasts are easily accessible for fishing and sailing, where most of the major docks are located. Due to the high population and resources in this area, there tends to be a higher level of security. There are more outposts and guards stationed here than anywhere else because bandit and orcs are attracted to this area, for the temptation of looting and plundering is high.


When the Isle of Cirnes first started to be colonized a few hundred years ago by those from the continent of Caran, the Lisarian Grasslands is where the original settlements of the island established themselves.

Town and settlements

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