Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Capital: Lyria
Ruler: King Mathias Veril
Government: Hereditary monarchy
Demonym: Lisarians
Adjective: Lisarian


The kingdom of lisaria is the newest kingdom in the Emril region and has little to no history.


The kingdom was founded in the year 3E 955 by King Mathias Veril and the Magisters shortly after the defeat of the Thelanians that had the island of Cirnes under their rule, (see Fight for freedom campaign quest )


The expansion of the kingdom of lisaria grew rapidly with no susprise, and the old lands from the old kingdom where easily taken back and reclaimed as part of the kingdom once Thelanian forces and occupation started to leave the island.


Lisaria is ruled by King Mathias veril and Those appointed by him.


The military of the kingdom of Lisaria is compromised of volunteers and seasoned veterans from the Thelanian-Cirnes civil war. Its composed of a organized Army and navy, along with a separate unit that provides magical support for both.

For more information See Lisaria Armed Forces

Noble houses

The only official ruling house in the kingdom of lisaria is House Veril And the Magisters .


The inhabitants of lisaria are composed of almost every race imaginable due to so many settlers from every corner of the world coming to the island, though the dominant race is still the native Livrian which are 70% of the overall population of the island, however they are open minded to foreigners due to so many coming to the island over the centuries.


The religion in the kingdom of lisaria is composed of both the Allerian Pantheon and The Ancients. The church of Alleria being the more dominant of the two.Like most countries the worship of the Cult type is frowned upon and such worshipers keep it a secret lest they wish to be jailed.


The symbol of Lisaria is the gryphon, and the color they choose for their banner was red to symbolize the sacrifice so many made to free themselves from Thelanian rule.

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