Linsdale Sorrow

DM Name:


Lyve 50 xp
Roland 150 xp
Zatada 150 xp
Lyve- 10 gold
Roland- 20 gold, Cure light wounds potion, healer's kit
Zatada- 20 gold, 2 Cure light wounds potions

Expenses: (arrows used money ect)
Lyve - 3 arrows
Zatada- 2 arrows

Quest Date:


Quest Summary:
The group finds a man in the middle of the street dead with an arrow in his back. They took the letter he had and followed the road to the North to a place called Linsdale to find Jo kinsella and found out that a mine they were going to buy was a possible trap as it was a goblin horde that wiped out the village of Linsdale. They have a run in with a man telling them to beware of the Kinsellas and to seek out the Rising sun.

xp rewarded by: TorridLife

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