Leveling in Aldium

Due to this being a persistent game, the levels of power in the game have to be treated a little bit different than on standard tabletop play. In short, on tabletop the game session is catered to where your players are, the only players in the game, thus they are the "heroes" and gain higher levels and items normally not available to other creatures or people within the game session.

Levels 1-20

Levels 1-20 are considered "normal" in the world of Aldium, meaning that encountering a level 11 guardsman or a level 20 captain is not something out of the scope of reality. These people are either highly trained or experienced in the world.


These characters make up a small population of the world of Aldium and are legends, heroes, villains, or anti-heroes. They do high-risk adventures and put their lives on the line.

Leveling 1-20

These levels are gained rather easily on this game; however, from time to time, only high-risk quests will yield the best rewards. Being high level does not entitle you to fame, fortune, and/or some form of status.

Leveling 21+

Your character must be willing to put their life on the line and do high-risk quests. Your character is legitimately famous in some circles of the world due to the amazing feats they have achieved.

Level Cap

A player cannot level past 20 unless their character is active and has gotten involved in the world one way or another. The mun must be an active player in order to achieve 21+, but that goes without saying considering the amount of work goes into leveling that far. Ask yourself this:

1. If your character dies, will it make me lose interest in the game?
2. What reason does my character have to become a legend?
3. Am I willing to do things beyond just mercenary missions and mundane work?

Remember: 21+ is not for everyone. If you are happy with just being level 20, then do not feel pressured to beat your head against the wall to break level cap.

Keep in mind the staff watches who is doing what with their characters and will evaluate if you can break the cap or not. You can, however, gain experience at level 20 up to 1 experience to 21. Do not think too much on it, it takes quite a long time to get to 20 and even more to get to level 21, so you have plenty of time.

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