Leadership Domain

Granted Powers: You are a great leader, an inspiration to all who follow the teachings of your faith.

Inspiring Command (Su): As a standard action, you can issue an inspiring command to your allies. The inspiring command affects one ally plus one additional ally for every three cleric levels you possess, who must all be within 30 feet of you. Affected allies gain a +2 insight bonus on attack rolls, AC, combat maneuver defense, and skill checks for 1 round. This is a language-dependent mind-affecting effect.

Inspiring command (Ex): At 8th level, you can speak too a ally and bring down any fear effect they may have by one step, you can use this power a number of times per day equal to 3 plus your wisdom modifier

Domain Spells: 1st—bless, 2nd—enthrall, 3rd—prayer, 4th—Soothe Construct, 5th—greater command, 6th—Joyful rapture, 7th—Heroism, Greater, 8th—Protection from Spells 9th— storm of vengeance

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