Land Of Za

Xp rewarded




Mist: -4 arrows; 2,450 XP; $2,241
Nerissa: -2 arrows; 1,867 XP; $2,241
Umeko: 1,867 XP; $2,241


Mist, Nerissa & Umeko are sucked into a tornado and warped to a magical land that was ravaged by a wicked witch hell-bent on setting fire to the place and rulling over the kingdom. Defeating her minions, they stopped the witch from summoning a great demon and the witch herself twarted by a princess riding a unicorn. Fooled into doing a faux somatic compound for the spell to send them back home, the party is compulsively warped back home deep in the hearth of a brothel in Old Town with money in their pockets.

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