"Come into my embrace and feel my warmth and love" - Lana

Lana is the Dajara Lord whose sphere is dusk and dawn, the magic in-between realms. She is also known as the Queen of Dawn and Dusk, Mother of the Rose, Queen of the Night Sky. Lana is one of the few Dajara who maintains the appearance of being "good" by mortal standards, and presumably feels more concern for the well-being of her mortal subjects than other Dajara Lords . She is one of the few Dajara Lords who constantly maintains a female image, and is perceived accordingly.

She almost always comes in the form of a beautiful woman. Like a siren, calling mortals in to do her bidding, Lana has always had a passionate hatred for all things undead. She takes great joy in rewarding mortals who purge the realms of the wretched walking-corpses, along with any Necromancers who have tampered with Lana's life-giving energies. It is stated that Lana is one of the few Dajara Lords to be benevolent and not wholly evil, if at all.

Out of all the dajara lords she is the most tolerated in terms of religion however temples are still not allowed in her name within the cities.

Moonshadow is Lana's plane , where she lives in a rose palace. It is reportedly blindingly beautiful and colorful, with flowers, waterfalls, trees, and a city of silver.

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