Kinsella Mystery

DM Name:

Zerato Romanoff
Miron Romanoff


400 xp

Zerato- 100g, Lapis Lazuli (12 gp), Turquoise (10 gp) (Only holding for the duration of the s/l these items blueprints for Anarchy Axe and Godeater. Files on Arkona and Kinsella families)
Miron- 100g, Lapis Lazuli (10 gp), Turquoise (10 gp)

Miron- 1 alchemist fire
Zerato- His coat >.>
Quest Date:


Quest Summary:
The Romanoff brothers came to the rescue of Chantal Kinsella. They escorted her home where her father Carlos gave the boys a mission to steal the plans for a weapon the company Salvage Productions was making. They managed to lie their way into the office steal the plans along with some other things. But in their attempt to escape they set fire to the factory. Upon their return to the Kinsella's manor. There was an active crime scene as it appears that Carlos was murdered in his home. The Romanoff brothers were approached by an Anvarian man outside of the home saying they needed to meet when it was safer. The files contain information on the members of each family pictures of the family members and red X on the faces of some of the family. One of them being Carlos Kinsella. Another Trevor Arkona, along with three other family members on each side.

xp rewarded by: TorridLife

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