Just A Dream, Right?

XP Awarded

Confirmed Players:

1.) Victoria
2.) Rogar
3.) Nerissa
4.) Gwynn


Victoria + 1,350
Gwynn + 1,350
Rogar + 1,350
Nerissa + 1,200


Victoria + Adamantine to dagger
Nerissa + Boots of Elvenkind
Rogar + Adamantine to bastard sword
Gwynn +Adamantine to daggers


Victoria administered the elixir to Arc. Within moments, a portal had opened beside Arc and the party stepped through. They were instantly transported to a world unlike anything they had seen with chaos abound. They were falling from the sky, but were rescued by large black dragons and carried across an ocean of shadow. An aerial skirmish occurred when they ran into a nasty group of elementals, but they eventually succeeded and ventured further towards a large spire that stretched to the sky.

Nerissa nearly avoided an alignment shift as Arc and Young Arc appeared to be in a civil conflict. Arc found out that he was, in fact, the man whom blood followed. The blood consumed Young Arc and every one was transported back home with nothing known about what became of Arc or his cousin Victoria.

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