The Endrin family has lived prosperous for many generations at their manor on a cliff overlooking the city of Lyria. they have some history, mostly they where known to be responsible for the undead invasion of Veril during the second era which caused that city to fall to the undead hordes becoming a necropolis.

However after the great earthquake 1500 years ago and that land mass sunk along with the city that empire has long been gone what secrets has Samantha the head of the Endrin family been keeping?

After 1500 years the undead abomination as Lars has emerged from the cold watery depths seeking revenge on the Endrin family and anyone who gets in his way.

He has been spotted near the blight forest, which is a huge area of a couple of hundred miles north of the Endrin manor it will only be a matter of time before the abomination reaches the manor and assaults it.

Cassarah Endrin, Zerato Romanoff and Clyde Endrin decided to visit the witch known as Sharina in the western forest near the Endrin manor to recieve information about lars.

All they could find out is that Lars is ancient undead evil with unimaginable power and seeks revenge upon the Endrin family he is a savage abomination and from what sharina mentioned, the first of the diseased vampire to walk in the world of caran.

While Clyde begins preparations to defend the Endrin manor against Lars's attack Zerato is given the task to find the bone of a elder vampire so Sharina can make a stake out of it. Cassie is given information that there is a relic known as the sun stone, which can create day during the night and might be a useful tool against lars it was last seen or heard of in the Loxian plains.

Cassie was warned that their own house abomination Larissa is not only the blood daughter of Lars but should not kill him as there is a prophecy that says "when the spawn of the night beast kills the father of night beasts tears of blood will rain from the sky"

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