XP Awarded

DM Name: Ruin


Zerato 600
Cassie 750
Arceus 800

Zerato: $500
Cass: $1000
Arceus $500


Zerato has something that droped his charisma to 8 and con to 10 for now his max health is 36 and he has a -1 penalty to charisma based checks and -2 to constitution based checks

Quest Summary: the party goes to sharinas cabin to pick up her things and look for clues after the destruction of lars.they come across a ancient undead and some maps along with other information about a old temple of the undead,it seems someone is trying too make the temple of the old dead god rise from the sands of the kyrion desert,bringing back the incident that happened 2,000 years ago when the undead hordes attacked the old city of veril now sunken into the sea. adventurers now make plans to visit lara, and find out more information about what could have caused this.

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