Account name: Hopey
Created: 2013

Character name Class Level Date Here Character Picture
Anisa Dhatri Sorcerer 6 3E 928 Golden Darkness/Yami from To Love Ru
Freyja Fighter 20 3E 935 Luis Royo Art
Kylantha Elanessë Hunter 1 3E 920 Princess Nuala
Natalie Slayer 7 3E 886 ??
Nicole Korisami Warpriest 7 3E 930 Suzuna from Moonlight Lady
Nina Endrin Warpriest 1 3E 938 Parsee from Touhou
Pandora Arkona Sorcerer 1 3E 937 Random
Samiya Basir Fighter 3 3E 921 Canaan

Freeform characters

Character name Class Date of Birth Character Picture
Mackenzie Sorcerer 3E 930 Unknown
Naomi Katsumata Unknown 3E 944 Gedomaru from Gintama
Rissa Bard 3E 937 Unknown
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