Titles: The Sky Lord
Home: ????
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: Sky, Air, Storms, Fate, Nobility
Worshipers: Everyone
Cleric Alignments: CN, LN, N, NG, NE
Domains: Air, Cloud, Water, Weather Wind
Blessings: Air, Water, Weather
Favored Weapon: Longbow
Symbol: Fist filled with a Lightning Bolt
Sacred Animal: Eagle
Sacred Colors: Sky-Blue


Worshipers of Hersius believe that, despite how it all is manifested into this world, everything comes from the same basic energy structure. Most believe that lightning is the raw energy in which everything is formed from. They believe that strength comes in many forms and isn't just physical. Depending on the specific church in question that worships Hersius, some believe that inner strength should be used responsibly, where as others believe that it is a advantage given to you and you should use it as needed.


Hersius marks the separation between the heavens and the earth. Moreover, Hersius is known as the Sky Lord, and is the dominating force of all natural activity.

In this perspective, Hersius is the Creator, Destroyer and Controller of Nature and must be honored and appeased at all cost. This is where we see a connection to rain as Hersius is the bringer of life-giving waters (so agriculture may thrive and provide to the people). Countless ceremonies are conducted in honor of the great rain-bringer as a way to insure continued food supply.

The Thunderbird dwells in regal solitude in mystic cedar forests, where no man may enter. There, Hersius rules the activity of the skies.


He is often depicted as a gargantuan sized eagle. He resembles a giant golden eagle with glowing green eyes and a 55-foot wingspan. He is intelligent, wise, and a great hunter. Though he has been known to take humanoid forms when he approaches mortals.

Divine Intervention

Divine Servants

His celestial messengers are birds, and his temples often use birds to carry messages or spy on their enemies.

Church of Hersius

Hersius is the master of the air and heavens, from the stars to coastal breezes and everything in between. It is said that Hersius created the first breath of the world.

Worshipers and Clergy

Hersius clerics, druids, and rangers pray for spells at the change of the wind in the morning or the evening (choosing one and holding to that choice ever after). Common folk pray to him to bring needed rains or fend off approaching storms, which are always considered to be the work of rival weather gods. Hersius's clerics dress in sky-blue robes, wearing a single feather in their hair, and conduct worship services on open hilltops.

Temples and Shrines

Temples of Hersius have distinctive circular shapes, unusual in a culture that favors rectangular buildings. They are found in cities and on the summits of tall mountain peaks.

Holy Texts

Has no holy texts.


They celebrate the equinoxes and solstices as holy days, as well as the first rainfall in spring and the first snowfall in autumn or winter.

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