Titles: The King in Yellow Him Who is not to be Named
Home: ????
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Portfolio: Decadence Disorder Nihilism
Worshipers: Old Cults
Cleric Alignments: CE, CN, NE
Domains: Chaos, Evil, Rune, Void
Blessings: Chaos, Evil, Rune, Void
Favored Weapon: Rapier
Symbol: The Yellow Sign
Sacred Animal: None
Sacred Colors: Yellow

Hastur is the most mysterious of the Great Old Ones. In fact, the entity known as Hastur might actually be an Outer God. The physical manifestation of this entity is known as the King in Yellow, and though most consider this creature—a vaguely human-shaped figure draped in a yellow cloak—to be synonymous with Hastur himself, many scholars believe that the King in Yellow is nothing more than an avatar used by the true Hastur to move among the denizens of the physical world. Hastur himself is said to dwell upon a distant world called Carcosa on the shores of the monstrous Lake of Hali, and his power on a planet is strongest when the baleful light of Carcosa's star is visible in that planet's night sky.


Hastur's cult is primarily composed of decadent nobles, playwrights, and aristocrats who have grown bored with life and have sought out increasingly deviant, bizarre, and self-destructive methods of achieving gratification in life. His temples are opulent and excessive—opera houses, manors, and the like that contain hidden chambers for pastimes best indulged in secret. His cultists are particularly eager to bring innocents into their fold, exposing them to the Yellow Sign so that their bodies and minds can serve as portals through which the King in Yellow may walk the world.

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