CR: By class
Type: Humanoid (goblinoid)
Environment: Temperate forest and plains (usually coastal regions)
Alignment: NE

Considered nothing more than murderous pests by most, goblins dwell on the fringes of other societies, scavenging amongst their waste and building their society in squalor. Though weak on their own, Goblins often gather in huge numbers to overwhelm their enemies.


A Goblin is a short, emaciated-seeming Goblinoid; they tend to be around three feet tall with large, flat heads and long ears. Their skin tends to be leathery and grey, often wrinkled and covered in tiny scars, warts, and scabs. Goblins grow little, if any, hair, relying on their thick skin and huddling together in groups to keep warm. They have small, beady red eyes set close together over a little pug nose, above a hideously wide mouth lined with sharp little teeth. Goblins often dress in rags and scraps cast off by other humanoids and bear coarsely cobbled-together equipment.

Many humans and similar races find it hard to distinguish between male and female Goblins, though they do possess the appropriate organs.


Goblins mature rapidly, reaching adulthood in five years and living up to fifty (though most goblins are violently killed before the age of 20). Goblins' extremely high level of energy comes from both their accelerated metabolism and their dangerous lifestyles. Their fast metabolisms make Goblins eating machines stricken with almost constant hunger; fortunately, Goblins can subsist on almost anything organic. They love salty foods, especially pickled food of all types.

Habitat and Society

Goblins rarely build their own structures; they prefer to use terrain and natural defenses to their advantage, often settling in areas of heavy undergrowth, easily defensible caves, and ruins. They rely on scavenging for most of their sustenance and are gifted at surviving in even the most hostile climes. Goblins gather in tribes of up to a few dozen, led by a chieftain and sub-chiefs who are simply the toughest individuals in the group. They keep numerous mounts in their settlements, typically wolves, worgs, and/or goblin dogs.

Goblins have a near-pathological fear and hatred of horses and dogs, most likely due to the mutual hatred displayed by these animals. Goblins are, in many ways, defined by their fears - not just of dogs and horses but of humans as well, and even their religion is based on fear of their gods. Religion holds an important place in most tribes, with complex (and, to outside ears, ridiculous) myths and legends, often fixating on odd-shaped natural features.

When not at war, Goblins amuse themselves with sadistic games, inane but catchy songs, and arson. Goblins have an irrational fear of writing, however. They believe that the mere act of writing words steals them from one's head.

Goblins love to collect treasure, but value appearance over utility. Thus, a shiny but worthless trinket is valued over a powerful but ugly magic item. The exception is Goblin chieftains, who often possess the wits to make use of such items - if they can remember where they've been stashed.


The origins of Goblins is unknown, they date back pre first era and have a strange worship for anything Hajrl, which leads to beliefs that they were either their pets or created by them.


Goblin religion tends to revolve around the worship of the Hajrl and their ruins, calling them the Grand Creators. As their legends go, it was the Grand Creators that taught them how to hunt, the act of war, and gave them goblin dogs as a gift. According to their legends, the Grand Creators provided the goblins with everything they could have wanted, then one day vanished. They believe this is a test of the Grand Creators and that they will one day return.

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