Getting Started

Before you start, read this!!

Make sure you read the Rules and Roleplaying Rules. This is very important.

Are you making a semi-freeform character? If so, ignore all of the stats below and use the Semi-Freeform Template. On Create New Page, cut and paste that code instead. Remember: you must show your finished character sheet to a GM for approval this include freeform characters.

If not, disregard this message and continue!

Make a wikidot account

First make a wikidot account, and then join the site. With that said, this site is private; we have the right to remove inactive players from the member list or "passerbys" as we like to call them (someone that comes into the site, then leaves, never comes back). This isn't done with malicious intent, but we have a lot of content that is not OGL and is intended for private and personal use (which is why the site is on private, preventing it from becoming a searchable database). Being in the ooc room and talking all day does not count as active, nor is popping in once a week or longer. Chances are you know if you are being active or not, so don't give the staff a hard time.

Character Creation

First, pick a race. They have their benefits and drawbacks; make sure you read them carefully.

Next, you have a variety of traits and feats. These are what shape your character, so pay them careful mind. It may even help to have an end goal in mind as well. What you pick makes your character unique. We recommend looking at these before you finalize your ability scores because there may be a lot of shifting around of points afterwards. Also, looking at the talents and backgrounds can give you ideas for your character you never thought of before!

Character Pictures

To avoid the drama some places have regarding character pictures (since we don't own anything) is as simple as this: first come, first serve. If someone is using a character for their character pictures, then that's the end of it; be courteous and find another. If you want to see who is using who/what, simply go to Account Experience (Registered Players > Experience Logs > Account Experience). Every player there has a list of their characters and what picture(s) they use for said characters (in Picture Source). Another way would be to use the search function through our site itself by just typing in the name of a picture, the name of a fictional character (outside the game) that it represents, and/or from where the picture would've come.

Now for a page for your character! There is a space to the left for a new page. You can use this by typing in the name of your character. You can also use:

It's advised to use only a first name, as it will be much easier for linking purposes; if you do, however, decide to use both first and last, no worries, it'll be fine.

Before you do that, visit our Class page. To the right of each class, you will see <class> Sheet; this is the code for your sheet. Don't worry if it looks a little intimidating, it's not as bad as it seems. Don't be intimidated. If you have any questions, please ask us, we want to help! There is a Calculator that can help with your stat point allotment.


Make you sure you use the weapons, armor, and items listed on our page (you can find these in Equipment). Remember: this is homebrew; some things may not be here and yet others are found only as drops on a quest.

||~ Ability||~ Score||~ Mod||~ With  Item||~ Mod||
||~ Strength||10||~ +0||-||~ +0||
||~ Dexterity||10||~ +0||-||~ +0||
||~ Constitution||10||~ +0||-||~ +0||
||~ Intelligence||10||~ +0||-||~ +0||
||~ Wisdom||10||~ +0||-||~ +0||
||~ Charisma||10||~ +0||-||~ +0||

Where the 10's are listed, put your ability score; the second field is your total mod from the ability score; the third field is for the bonus you get from an item to an ability score; and the final field is the total mod from from both your base ability score and that which you get from the item.
Your attributes have a bonus associated with them. Ability Modifiers will help you figure them out. Note: You don't have to edit your sheet every time someone casts a spell on you.

Skills are separated by their ability scores. You do not have to keep them all listed if you do not want to. You can delete any line of skill you wish (such as those that you have no ranks in and/or don't receive a racial, feat, or item bonus towards.

||~ Skills||~ Rank||~ Ability Mod||~ Class Bonus||~ Feat Bonus||~ Trait Bonus||~ Racial Bonus||~ Magic Bonuses||~ Total||
||~ Acrobatics (Dex)||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||**+ 0**||
||~ Appraise (Int)||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||**+ 0**||
||~ Bluff (Cha)||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||**+ 0**||
||~ Climb (Str)||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||**+ 0**||
||~ Swim (Str)||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||**+ 0**||

If you don't want, for example, "Bluff" as a skill with ranks (or other bonuses), then just delete that line and bring up the next skill line:

||~ Skills||~ Rank||~ Ability Mod||~ Class Bonus||~ Feat Bonus||~ Trait Bonus||~ Racial Bonus||~ Magic Bonuses||~ Total||
||~ Acrobatics (Dex)||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||**+ 0**||
||~ Appraise (Int)||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||**+ 0**||
||~ Climb (Str)||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||**+ 0**||
||~ Swim (Str)||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||+ 0||**+ 0**||

Here, the first field is your rank; this is what you use your skill points for when purchasing skills. The second field is the ability mod associated with that skill (charisma for Bluff, strength for Climb, etc.). The third field is for your +3 bonus due to it being a class skill (you only get this bonus if you put 1 or more ranks into the skill); if the skill isn't a class skill, put + 0. The fourth field is for any bonus to the associated skill from a feat; the fifth is any bonus from a trait; the sixth is any bonus from your character's race; the seventh is for any bonus from a magical item. The eighth and final field is the total from the previous fields.

Don't forget to pick your gear; we have several pages all listed under Equipment. You have 50 starting gold, so be aware of what you can spend, although you do start off with starter gear that is suited for your class. Magic Item Limitation is a handy tool for when you start purchasing magic items. You cannot start with very many, if any, magical items; you are mostly limited to mundane materials at start.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask any of the game staff in #Aldium-Shoptalk; they will help you whenever they're online.

Links on your sheet/page are managed by creating:


It will let you have a link to, say, an item, skill, or spell on your sheet. This can help if you're linking something that's not on your class' starter sheet code, though the chances are slim. Regardless, this is the code should you ever need it. If you're linking something from our wiki, you don't have to use http:// etc., you can just put a page name. For example, the page for ability scores:
[[Ability Score]]

This sends you directly to Ability Score. On that note, you can change how a link looks as well by using:
[[[ability-score |Abilities]]]

Where you see "ability-score" is the actual link; the |states that the next series of text is what will actually be seen as the link, which is, in our example, "Abilities". You would see it as such: Abilities. Although the link itself is (Ability Score), the link appears as above. This can be used for any link.

Character pictures are also a great thing to have. These sheets have a wonderful feature in them: once you have the sheet code posted to your character page and have it saved, click "Files" down at the bottom near "Edit", then "Upload a file from your computer". Whatever files you upload will be placed automatically in the gallery section without anything further doing on your part. For the smaller picture on the top right hand side (your avatar), go ahead and upload your picture like you did the others. The sheets already have the code on it for the picture, so just change "Test.jpg" to the name of your picture. Keep in mind that 200x200 pixels is the best size for this head shot; a larger size may make the page look funny.

If you have any other questions, please ask. This can't be stressed enough. There are many people that will help you!

Note: Please read regarding extra characters

You get a limit of three registered characters in the system. Any more than that and you will need to talk to the head DM and tell us why you need more than the base. Any character after the first can take up to a week to approve, so please be patient.

The limit of three may be reduced if the player needs a lot of extra help maintaining just one sheet. You must be able to maintain a sheet properly with minimum assistance before you are allowed to make more, regardless of the three limit rule. We don't mind helping players with character sheets or their characters, but common sense: if it gets to the point where the DM is basically doing the sheet for you each time, you're only getting one until you learn.
You can however have as many non-registered characters as you want, provided you talk to a DM about the concept. However, this is not to be abused - - you'll be told when you are, don't worry.

There are other factors that will determine additional characters. Talk to the head DM, Ruin, about them.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License