Game Bot

The Bot (Vanilla)

Vanilla is the channel's bot. She has many functions, but the primary functions are to track down experience and to be used as d% dice (d20, d6, d100, etc.).

Roleplay Experience

You can earn experience through roleplay in the following channels: #Aldium-Lyria, #Aldium-Taven, and #Aldium. During quests, you may also earn some experience in #Aldium-Quest.

To create an account with the bot (Vanilla), use the following command:

!Start <Account Name> <password>

(It's usually best to use your wiki account name, or at the very least the name everyone knows you by ooc in the game.)

She will then ask for a description. You can do the following:

!Descrip 1 <information>. If you don't have anything to add: !descrip1 none.

To login to her, after you make the account, use the following command:

!login <Account Name> <password>

Remember that these commands must be typed in the bot's PM.

Account Experience

We do not do experience by character here in Aldium; instead, each player has an individual account, and they may distribute the earned experience to any characters they own. This is to avoid players feeling they need to "grind" characters they are not in the mood to really play.

If players have a few freeform characters, they can use them also while logged in, and the experience can be given to dice characters. For more detailed information Click here. You can also ask Ruin, TorridLife, or LegionDM if you need help.

Other Commands:
!namegen Random character name generator.
!expchart Displays a link for the character experience table.
!Magiclimit Displays a link for Magic item limit
!Events Displays this weeks schedule
!gamebot takes you to well..this site

More commands coming soon.

Dice Commands

Vanilla is also our dicebot. In order to use these commands, just type roll d20 and the respected mod. For example:

<@Ruin> roll d20+4 power attack
<@Vanilla> Ruin rolled d20+4 power attack —> [ 1d20=19 ]{23}


you can use the roll commands to do simple math but to do decimals and such use the following.



{03:33 am} <@Ruin> !calc 5*1.5
{03:33 am} <Vanilla> 5*1.5 = 7.5

The word buffer

Vanilla has a 10 word buffer , meaning the first 10 words on any given post will not be registered by her to give experience.the reason behind this is simple, if someone wants to say wb,afk,brb ect and feel the need to say it on the quest channel (this is frowned and strongly discouraged upon but sometimes it has to be done to make sure the person sees it). also, sometimes players want to do "test runs" with the dice on the quest room or want to add dice format to their rp (Remember folks always ask first if the other player is ok with using dice in rp) Vanilla gives some experience during posts when you quest the 10 word buffer is there so that she isn't giving experience in the quest room when a player is casually using her to roll.

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