Free Form Template

This is the Free Form Template for those that wish to just roleplay.

[[div style="float:right; width:270px;"]]
||||~ char name||
||||[[image Test.jpg width="200px"]]||
||~ Aliases:||-||
||~ Date Of Birth:|| See Timeline or a Gm for help||
||~ Hair:||-||
||~ Eyes:||-||
||~ Height:||-||
||~ Weight:||-||
||~ Race:||[[[race here]]]||
||~ Class:||[[[Class here]]]||
||~ Alignment:|| Alignment||
||~ God:||[[[gods|God]]]||
||~ Level:||1||
||~ Experience:||0||
||~ Gold:||300||
||~ Current Status:||FreeForm||
||||~ Played by [[[Admin]]]||

[[div style="float:left; width:70%; height:600px; text-align: left; top:100px; overflow:auto; padding: 10px;"]]
[[tab Description]]

+ Gallery


[[tab Character History]]
++++ Storyhooks (five only)

* 1st story hook

++++ Character History

**Quote:** //Insert quote here (if any or delete)//

Enter character history here

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