Firearm Improvement

Improving a firearm

When you improving a firearm you only improve the damage value not the hit value for example a 1d4 pistol deals additional 1d4+1 damage but does not recieve a higher hit bonus.

Special materials

A firearm can be made out of other materials, the inside mechanics however such as firing pins bolts ect are still considered to be made out of steel making a firearm out of special materials does not treat them as masterwork nor does it give bullets fired from it the special material it is made from.

Material Cost Hardness Hit Points Special
Adamantine $6,004 20 2 -
Iron, Cold $608 10 2 improving it cost an additional 2,000 gp.
Mithral $502 15 2 1/2 weight

Firearm limitations

a firearm itself can not be improved however its ammo can read below.

additional cost for improved ammunition

The table shown below is the additional cost added to firearm ammo when improved. These values are based off buying them in a bulk of (20) so for simplicities sake improved ammo can only be bought in stacks of 20

Bonus Value Additional Cost Hardness Increase Additional HP Player level needed
+1 $+800 +2 +10 4
+2 $+3,200 +4 +20 6
+3 $+7,200 +6 +30 8
+4 $+12,800 +8 +40 10
+5 $+20,000 +10 +50 11

DMs note: Prices for ammunition is wacky because it tends to be cheap and normaly allows a player to have +5 weaponry earlier than when a player is supposed too by accordance to the Magic item limitation rules
so a level required for each type of improved ammo is listed

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