Find The Soul

XP Awarded

DM Name: Ruin


Nicole 5,210
Blake 5,210
Rafael 4263
Zerato 3340

Nicole: 6 potions of cure light wounds., Ghost vision gloves
Blake: Little doom fairy blocks death effects or physical ability damage 3 times a day.,+1 version of his gloves (each)
Rafael: Wand of cure light wounds 50 charges (caster level 5 wand)
Zerato : Ring of protection +2

Chaositech: (please put in backgrounds and feats)

Nicole: Resistance to Disease: You gain a +4 bonus on all
saving throws against disease.

Rafael: Webbed Hands and Feet: You gain a +4 competence
bonus to Swim checks.

Raziek:Sixth Sense: Disease: When a disease-bearing
contagion is within 20 feet of you, you have a 50
percent chance to automatically sense its presence
and general location (but no details regarding its
nature). Once you have rolled for a particular
instance of a disease, you need never roll for it
again—you either always detect it or always do not.

Nicole 1200 for 6 potions of cure light wounds 400 dollars for bawe's services.
Razie: None
Zerato: 1,000 for ticket 4 crossbow bolts.
Rafael: 2,000 for tickets.

Quest Summary: Raziek lost his soul due to playing some game and the adventurers head out to the isle of despair to find it.

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