Titles: Lord Beneath, The Earthtremor
Home: ????
Alignment: True Neutral
Portfolio: Fire, Volcano, Erruptions
Worshipers: Fire Based Races, Some Dragons, Humans
Cleric Alignments: CN, LN, N, NE, NG
Domains: Arson, Ash, Earth, Fire, Destruction Smoke
Blessings: Earth, Fire, Destruction
Favored Weapon: Heavy Pick
Symbol: A Volcano
Sacred Animal: Mole
Sacred Colors: Brown


Fire is pure, cleansing, and strong. The weak and impure burn, while the strong survive. Fire is useful as a tool, but must be respected. It is dangerous when uncontrolled.


There are many legends of the secretive, subterranean power known as Ferrakus. He is apparently of either dwarven origin, though there are even human legends of Ferrakus based on deep cave engravings that predate the former races' claims. Ferrakus is said to have emerged from the fires of the very first volcano when it erupted on a world that has long since died. The Lord Beneath opened his burning eyes, and looked at the infinite sky, the flammable forests and the azure seas beyond them. Seeing that there was no safe haven for him, he turned back earthward and descended once more. He left the mountaintop sundered, pouring forth lava as a message to the other gods: "Whatever you create, it can be destroyed. Whatever you raise, it can burn. Everything you fashion upon this world rests above my domain-marvels crafted on the thin, cold shell of a molten egg." That message is central to all legends of Ferrakus-the idea that nothing lasts forever and that strength can overcome anything, if you strike the right place. This a practical lesson for gemcutters and stonemasons, but for a dangerous few it is a license for violence in the dark. These folk take the legend of Ferrakus to mean that the world should be burned and that all that is made should be unmade.


Ferrakus is depicted as a nondescript man with fiery hair and brown or black skin.

Divine Intervention

Divine Servants

Had no know servants.

Church of Ferrakus

Ferrakus is portrayed either as the All-Destroyer or as the Cleanser of Worlds, and is worshiped under both aspects. Having come to the dark conclusion that the only way to rid the world of evil is to sterilize it and begin again.

Worshipers and Clergy

Ferrakus's clerics wear earthy colors, with chain mail and silvered helms. Ceremonial vestments include shining, flowing robes of woven electrum wire, silvered helms, and earth-brown leather boots.

Temples and Shrines

There are two sects of Ferrakus' church. The first is the most common: shrines and temples of solid rock where the wisdom of ire lore is passed from priests to followers much like any other place of worship devoted to any other god. These shrines cater to crafters, artisans, and spelunkers. Most priests are skilled at caving and can serve ably as advisors and guides.

The other sect of Ferrakus exists only in the shadows of a few cities and in the deep parts of the underworld. These holy sites are little more than a few old symbols carved into a stone wall and a single caretaker-priest. These Scoria Shrines cater to the god's darker devoted and provide services more akin to a thieves' or assassins' guild. Despite their differing natures, there is a truce between the two sects.

Worship of Ferrakus trumps whichever side of the cave a particular follower is on.

Holy Texts

Has no know Holy texts.


The holy day of Ferrakus is the Summer Solstice. Ferrakus does not demand sacrifice or propitiation.

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