Felwar Forest
Felwar Forest


There are many small forests along the grassy landscape of the island. None stand out more than Felwar Forest, the largest and most mysterious on the island of Cirnes. During the day one cannot tell of the reason why such a forest of visual wonder would have a name that gave subtle hints at something dark and mysterious. Populated by small groups of both Pixie and Fairy they tend to be playful to adventurers who pass through the forest much due to their curiosity. Don't be to angry with them if you find something of yours taken or one playing tricks on you as it adds to the wonder of the forest. Once the sun over Cirnes sets the tone of the forests changes. From warm, open arms to cold, merciless, unseen dread; the forest becomes grim. The races of Fey hide in their homes, huddled together for sleep. The air still, cold and haunting. Those who venture here at night best be prepared. Those who decide not to make camp; keep your senses sharp.The nights of Felwar forest give its name horror to those who braved the nights for they were lucky. Whispers echo through the tree, voices who chill the blood in the very veins they flow. Ones who make it through the night are oft found repeating these lines to those who wish to do the same.

"Keep your fire and light burning bright, or else who venture in the forest of darkest night won't live to see dawn's first light."Those who ignore the warning are never seen. Those who do come back and tell of their travel,
"The forest, it seems alive. The light seems to be absorbed, eaten even, by the forest itself."


Town and Settlements

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