Eylirie Expanse
Eylirie Expanse
Alignment: Neutral
Capital: None
Ruler: None
Government: Varies
Demonym: None
Adjective: None


After the island began colonization, most settlers began to head down south. It was heard there was gold to be found within the mountain ranges, along with other riches in the south area of the island; however, most were mere rumors that people spread among themselves to try and justify a reason to stay or travel to the south. Over the years, due to the natural cut off, the expanse began to develop its own breed of people and culture.


Most of the inhabitants in the Elylirie Expanse are of caranian descent (called swamp folk), though there is a large population of dwarves along the base of the Alleria Range and high elves to the west of the island near Lake Ademas.


Naturally cut of from the rest of the island because of the Alleria Range, law and civility must be maintained somehow in the area. The government of Lisaria do not actually, though they claim they do, rule over the expanse; it's merely a formality to try and keep some order to the lands up here. This is mostly in part due to being very difficult to have a steady route of soldiers and supplies. Ocean travel is possible; however, turtle dragons tend to rule the waters in this area along with other sea creatures.

The Elylirie Expanse has the most hostile territory the island has to offer: from the troll infested Wetlands in the far east to the Hill giants that live along the base of the mountain. Though despite the great dangers that are within the expanse, this is home for most people.


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