Escape Artist Fastplay

Escape Artist

Restrictions: if the DC is higher than 20 + your skill bonus you cannot escape using this skill
DC Base: see subtasks
Check Frequency: 1 per escape attempt
Success: you escape your bonds
Failure: you fail to escape your bonds

Escape Ropes

DC Base: binder's CMB +20
Time: 1 minute

Escape Manacles

DC Base: 30
DC Modifier: +5 for masterwork manacles
Time: 1 minute

Escape Mundane Net

DC Base: 20
Time: full-round

Escape Entangling Spells

Restriction: applies to animate rope, command plants, control plants or entangle
DC Base: 20
DC Modifier: +3 for snare spell
Time: full-round

Escape Tight Spaces

Restriction: you cannot squeeze through a space that your head will not fit through
DC Base: 30
Time: 1 minute or more depending on how long the space is (GM discretion)

Escape Grappled or Pinned

DC Base: grappler's CMB
Time: 1 standard action

Final Notes

Bonus In: +2 Stealthy (feat)
Bonus In: +4 Stealthy (feat) + Escape Artist (10 ranks)
D20: Escape Artist

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