Titles: The Holy Light
Home: Positive Energy plane
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: Positive Energy, Light, Prophecy
Worshipers: Good and Neutral Mortals
Cleric Alignments: CG, LG, NG
Domains: Agathion, Friendship, Good, Healing, Knowledge, Luck, Protection, Redemption, Sun
Blessings: Good, Healing, Knowledge ,Luck, Protection, Sun
Favored Weapon: Scimitar
Symbol: A Five-Pointed Star with a Five-Pointed Star within it
Sacred Animal: None
Sacred Colors: Silver


Elishar teaches that there is a connection between the self and the universe. This connection manifests as what we feel through both senses and emotions. When a person is moved, through seeing something breathtaking or feeling love for another, that emotion connects him to the universe. Experiencing the emotion ensures that he exists, as something within him felt the emotions or processed the sensual awareness. Because he exists, so must the universe that gave him that feeling. From there, he can act upon the universe, causing more changes to create feeling in others. Thus, the followers of Elishar seek to make the world a better place by being true to their own emotions.

The next step in recognizing this connection between the self and the universe is developing the goodness within and without. If one wishes for happiness, one must work to better the universe to make others happy. Experiencing the glory and beauty of the world will in turn tap into the inner beauty and glory within one's soul. However, giving in to greed, despair, and unhappiness will only darken the universe. The Holy Light is the glory of the universe reflected upon the soul and mirrored back onto itself.


Elishar is considered one of the first Ancients. That if it wasn't for his light that the mortal beings today would not have existed.


Elishar is a radiant being suffused with positive energy. It appears in many forms: a pulsating globe of light, a humanoid (either gender or androgynous) with brightly glowing silver or gold skin, or a ravid. Like a ravid, Elishar literally exudes life energy, and its mere presence is devastating to undead.

Divine Intervention

Divine Servants

Elishar has numerous angelic servants.

Church of Elishar

Elisharians believe that the life-giving sun is the best cure for all of Aldium's ills. Justice and freedom are brought about through charity, modesty, perseverance, and self-sacrifice. Elishar's priests teach that the truly strong don't need to prove their power. Elisharians strive to perform so many good acts that evil has no room in which to exist, though they will fight if necessary. Elishar is wrathful against the forces of evil, and is especially opposed to the undead. However, Elishar urges his followers to remember that excessive attention to things of evil can blind one to the truly important things: compassion and goodness. These are what must be emphasized above all.

Worshipers and Clergy

Clerics of Elishar wear vestments of silver or gold while performing their ritual duties. Higher-ranking clerics often wear holy symbols or crowns enhanced with light spells to give them a radiant aura. Elishar’s clerics are charged to promote life and light by healing the sick and wounded.

Temples and Shrines

Elishar's temples and places of worship are rarely found within cities (but are accepted if they are) and are typically enhanced with light spells.
Elishar's temples are tall, with large windows; many are stained-glass cathedrals. They are arranged so that the sun shines into most of the rooms during the day, and many feature large courtyards. They tend to be airy and blindingly white. Temple trappings are typically yellow or gold. They are always kept clean. Many Elisharian temples have hospital wings.

Holy Texts

The Light of Elishar is the most common Elisharian holy book, beginning with Elishar's creation of the sun and telling of how Elishar instructed the first mortals. The Light of Elishar only has minor variations in it, and all are considered canonical, despite these small discrepancies. The book is often enchanted to glow with a soft solar radiance when it's closed, and some versions are gilded.


Elishar's major holy days generally take place on the solstices and equinoxes.

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