Elemental Plane Of Water
Plane of Water
Titles: The Boundless Sea
Sphere: Inner Sphere
Alignment: N/A
Planes DC: 10

The Elemental Plane of Water is a plane of the Inner Sphere composed almost entirely of fresh and salt water. It surrounds the Plane of Air and is in turn surrounded by the Plane of Earth. Detritus from other planes provides pockets of air and solid material.


The Plane of Water is a truly immense spherical shell of salt, fresh, and brackish water. On one side is the Plane of Air, which provides most of the light for the plane, and near which most of the plane's fresh water is located. On the other extreme is the Plane of Earth, where the waters of the plane near total darkness and their highest level of salinity. At these borders the elements merge, and occasionally large pockets of air or pieces of earth and rock break off, scatting into the waters of the plane. It is in these pockets of air and stone that most non-natives make their homes.

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