Dwarf Compendium

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Random facts.

1. Dwarves are superstitious
2. Don't touch a dwarves beard if you are a man usually they let females touch them as long as they compliment them about it but a man touching it usually leads to a fight.
3. Some female dwarves have beards.
4. Dwarves are scared of heights usually.

Random cultural facts

1. Dwarves settle things by wrestling or a good ole fashion fist fight.
2 Most dwarves are lawful good or neutral good mind villainous acts around them most of them won't hesitate to set you straight.
3. Stealing is a very dishonorable act in their society. Most thieves are beaten mercilessly before thrown in jail.
4. Unlike the other native races dwarves don't technically have a main city, they have cities built inside the mountains all over the known world, most notably in Caran.
5. Out of all the races dwarves get along best with the Vilkur having similar cultural belief systems.

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