Drawing First Blood

Xp Awarded LegionDM

DM Name: Ruin

Rafael 4800
Yvonne 2000

Treasure: Rafael wand of magic missile (6th level) 50 charges 2,000 gold and a scroll of darkvision
Yvonne: a wand of cure light wounds 50 charges (dont need umd is a ranger spell) 500 gold and a vial of 10 doses of of giant wasp poison lasts for 1d6 rounds 18 for save and does 1d2 dex damage a round per dose

Expenses: None

Quest Summary: And it begins… the Gorgon's fist lead by Rafael Kincaidehires a mercenary group of rangers lead by Yvonne Truedau and after gathering information find out listrans are still within the island in some small camps unaware of the rebellion. This could be a problem if their main force ever arrives they play it safe, for now they take a bridge that leads too a listran camp close too lyria to make sure is not used against them.

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