To make things clear, a few legal foot notes.

1. This is intended for the site subscription of the Wikidot account. Information can be found here. We are currently using Pro Plus account, which is $239 a year.
2. This is not to use the game content or the game products; this is entirely optional.
3. Not donating does not stop you from using the site or having access to the site.
4. This is done entirely by free will, meaning there will be no refunds if, for whatever reason, you decide to leave the game on good or bad terms.
5. Donating does not put you above the laws and rules provided by whatever event, hosting or otherwise provided by the user of the account.
6. This is not for personal profit or gain; this is for site/account maintenance, nothing more. It is in no way affiliated with any of the products, games, or sites hosted by the owner of the Wikidot account.
7. If you donate, please let Ruin know so he can update the status down below.


Due date: August 15 2015
Goal: $239.90
Amount currently raised: $10


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