Disable Device Fastplay

Disable Device

Restriction: GM makes all checks in secret and reveals the results as needed
Restriction: cannot disarm spike growth or spike stones
DC Base: 10 (simple device)
DC Base: 15 (tricky device)
DC Base: 20 (difficult device)
DC Base: 25 (extreme device)
DC Modifier: +5 when leaving no trace of tampering
Check Frequency: 1 per device
Success: the device is disabled
Failure: <= 4 you failed, but you can try again
Failure: >= 5 mishap, you trigger the trap (GM discretion)
Time: 1 round (simple device)
Time: 1d4 round (tricky device)
Time: 2d4 rounds (difficult or extreme device)


Success: you sabotaged/rig the device
Failure: >= 5 you just think the item is sabotaged/rigged but it isn't (GM discretion)
Time: rigged item fails after 1d4 rounds/minutes of use (GM discretion)

Study Trap

Success: >= 10 you can study the trap, know how it works, bypass without disarming and rig for allies to bypass it too

Magical Traps

Restriction: you must have the trap-finding class ability
DC Base: 25 + level of spell use to create it

Open Locks

DC Base: 20 (simple lock)
DC Base: 25 (average lock)
DC Base: 30 (good lock)
DC Base: 40 (superior)
DC Modifier: +10 without proper tools
Check Frequency: 1 per lock
Success: lock is opened
Failure: lock is still closed, but you can try again
Time: full-round action

Final Notes

Bonus In: +2 Deft Hands (feat)
Bonus In: +4 Deft Hands (feat) + Disable Device (10 ranks)
D20: Disable Device + Open Locks

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