Devil Rising II

xp rewarded by: TorridLife


1.) Xan
2.) Zerato
3.) Xiel
4.) Eyfura


Extra Reward (All): +10% bonus to XP and Gp earned (Already calculated)
Xan: +1,760 XP; 1218gp
Zerato: +1,107 XP; 1218gp
Xiel: +1,107 XP; 1218gp
Eyfura: +1,403 XP; 1218gp


Rafael had been pursuing a series of missing goods to the surface shops. With enchantments and the like already difficult to get ahold of, he feared a possible opportunity for the devil army he had been pursuing to rise up and try to take over Lyria. His suspicions proved true, but, in the midst of their investigation, the party came across the long-missing Douglas, fantasy finale faction leader. After a lengthy conflict, Xiel was able to purge the evil spirit that had grasp on the man and put an end to the encounter. Douglas is now rescued, but he is now quarantined in Xiel's temple until he comes to and recovers. Grateful beyond belief, Aegis adds to the gold in payment for his quest.

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