Devil Rising Finale


1.) Xiel
2.) Zerato


Xiel: +2363xp, +1,000gp, +Green Cape w/ Schala's symbol on it(A memoir from Jharak to symbolize Xiel's triumphant struggle in Ark Valley)

Zerato: +1825xp, +1,000gp


Xiel: -1 cold iron bolt, -2 flaming bolt
Zerato: -19 bolts


Xiel and Zerato busted out of jail by tricking the guard that Zerato was having a heart attack. Xiel surprised him with a spear of purity spell to the face, instantly killing him. Making their way to the upper deck, they were confronted by several guards; however, they were joined by an old ally, the altenian boy that assisted them with their first encounter versus Greenthumb. After escaping from the airship while it collided onto the ground, they were joined by Raphael/Bartholomew. After witnessing the destructive power of the dragon, the party were uncertain how to defeat such a foe.

Raphael used the energy off of the dragon to open up a sector gate, allowing the party to venture inside temporarily undetected; however, once they defeated the first set of clockwork soldiers within they set off the alarms. They defeated many foes on the way down to the engine floor. Upon reaching the room where the core was supposed to be, they witnessed Greenthumb in his new form - as a being of pure energy.

Greenthumb surrounded himself in a massive ball of metal that proved to be a difficult combatant. It countered all of their attacks and hit hard when it did; though, they did enough damage to the core to cause Greenthumb's power to re-route itself away from the conflict. Greenthumb had been duped by Raphael/Bartholomew, who explained that the ancients were so incredibly petrified of the weapon they had created, they locked the dragon away with the key (Lunos, the dragon sorceror). Lunos was and is the only pilot that can successfully fight Zeylon. Having weakened the shields around the dragon itself, Zeylon ripped into it and entered into the vehicle that once housed Lunos.

Zeylon allowed the party to go free and bound Greenthumb to his own destruction, finally and permanently putting an end to him; however, he promised the party that some day their descendants will build the same weapon and, with its return, so will he back. Greenthumb exploded, wiping out the entire continent along with Zeylon, Marionette, Eldrym (who was thankful that his sin had been repaid), and Raphael/Bartholomew (who left a letter with Xiel that was to be given to Rafael telling him everything about where he was and what had occurred).

Xiel came to find out that the altenian boy is actually Raf's nephew, Jharak. He is the son of Raf's brother, Baxter. Later on, he approaches Xiel with a green cape that has her god's sigil sewn into it for her to wear proudly and remember her deeds in Ark Valley. He received a promotion in his vanguard circle, receiving a red cape and leaving the island of Cirnes until he is next seen.

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