"Knowledge is only power to those that know how to use it to most, its only maddening and frustrating" - Darlec

his sphere is the scrying of the tides of Fate, of the past and future as read in the stars and heavens. He is not known for being good or evil, but he seems to be the keeper of both helpful and destructive knowledge. Also called the Demon of Knowledge.People have been known to go insane after years of serving darlec.usually becoming obessesed with knowing more forbidden knowledge or forever seeking a truth that simply will never be given to them.
Darlec seems to enjoy torturing mortals this way however he has been known to occasionally share twisted,forgotten secrets to most for his own enjoyment usually the mortals not being able to handle it.

Darledc maintains a realm called Apocrypha, where all forbidden knowledge can be found. It is an endless library, with shelves stretching on in every direction, stacks on top of stacks. Every book has a black cover with no title. Masses of ghosts move through the stacks, rifling through books, ever searching for the knowledge they sought whilst living. its believed most of these spirits are souls that one way or another got claimed by darlec. Stacks of books form mazes and spiralling pilars that can reach as high as the illuminating green sky. Intricate ruins and monstrous carvings can be found among the stacks. The plane is covered in a sea of acidic, murky waters and roiling tentacles. Darlec holds an omnipresence within the realm. Some areas of the realm are consumed by darkness which can kill any who enter it. Discarded pages and floating tomes fill the air

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