Dark Tides Rising

XP Awarded LegionDM




500 XP
450 GP


Zerato: -4 Bolts, -1 CLW Potions (Level 5)
Kylee: -9 Bolts


Following the mysterious man in white robes to the mountains to the south, the party comes across a village with people scattered about as though they were dead. As it turns out, these people had become thralls of the creature that had been summoned by Laheim, who was currently deep within the cavern speaking to Vyre about the next step of their plan. Unknown to the party, Laheim appears to be at war with the powers of Elishar, calling upon the destructive forces of Toldoth to return the world to a state void of life, believing this to be in the planet's best interest. His plan, from an overhead conversation, is to send monster after monster containing this negative energy until it summons forth a being so powerful that it could bring about the end of the world. Ignorant of his true purpose, Vyre confronted Laheim about the quick felling of his voidsent creature. Laheim promptly murdered Vyre without hesitation, but considered it an act of kindness to free him from the bonds of 'the light', that he might return as undead and continue his mission alongside Laheim.

The party must now travel to the Kyrion Desert to follow Laheim and stop him. The desert is said to be the resting place of some of the most desolate souls to have lived. The party shudders to think what kind of untold destruction Laheim can summon in that area; therefore, they must race to the city and find a means of traveling north with due haste before Laheim can wreak more havoc on the material plane.

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