The Danes
Known Dane Members Title
Lance Valliant/Robert Dragano The Blood Lance
Jacob 'Lance' Dane The Butcher
Arceus Dane The Mad Alchemist


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The Blood Lance

'The Blood Lance' is the original Dane. His real name is Robert Dragano, and he witnessed the destruction of his town first-hand at the hands of a dragon attack. With fire blazing all around him, Robert stared down the dragon before the creature took flight into the distant sky. Robert, thinking he had lost his entire family, vowed revenge. He joined the free knights of then-King Rupendagon III. Being a talented knight, Robert quickly advanced through the ranks and took his father's name, Lance the Valiant or Lance Valiant. He became captain of the guard for the king, but had aspirations for becoming a dragon slayer. The king had received word that bandits were attacking one of the nearby towns, and sent his personal guard to deal with the problem. All the while, Lance's interest in revenge soon became obsession.

Upon arriving at the bandit attack, Lance suffered a PTSD episode, suddenly being reminded of the dragon attack on his town. Flying into a blood-fueled rage, Lance began to single-handedly take out every bandit in the most vicious and savage way he knew how. Between stabbing bandits through the face with his lance, or skewering multiple from brute strength, he had adopted the nickname "The Blood Lance" because of how absolutely merciless he had been in the battle; however, King Rupendagon had been pleased and wanted to keep the knight by his side personally.

With his obsession growing, Lance grew tired of standing guard over the king while that he got ever further away from the dragon that murdered his family. He had expressed these concerns to his king, but the king was ruthless on his own and had a reputation for being quite cruel himself. One day, Lance was approached by a person who called themselves Gerlocke. He knew of Lance's dragon and offered a deal to Lance that he could not refuse. Lance had turned on his king, and led Gerlocke to him. Taking the king's blade, Gerlocke notated that the king was unworthy of the blade's might and sacrificed him before an altar where Lance also had a young woman tied up - a fiance to a rival he had acquired during the course of his actions.

The eastern soldier soon confronted Lance within the ancient temple deep beneath the castle. In addition to the samurai, Lance had found himself against one of his own knights - his cousin, Sir Tasan. Lance was given the order to hold them at bay until Gerlocke could complete the ritual. Using the blade he took from the king, Gerlocke was about to sacrifice the lady upon the altar. Lance had proven to be quite formidable as neither the knight or the samurai could gain an edge on The Blood Lance's pure skill.

Catching the knight off-guard, Sir Tasan had pulled a knife from his armor and stabbed Lance underneath his plate mail. At that moment, Tasan stated, "Regards, from Donovan," who had been Lance's brother. Lance became lifeless and limp; however, he had bought Gerlocke enough time to complete the ritual. A great creature had been summoned, but not at full strength for reasons unknown. In a single night, the Kingdom of Lorenthia had fallen and its surrounding towns destroyed, but it eventually became lost to history as only bard tales remain and the surface rubble of what was once the highest points of the castle. Although many have ventured to the ruins, none have been able to locate let alone access any deeper chambers. Tales and stories of abberrations keep most people at bay, although those who venture out at night seldom return sane.

It is rumored that the corruption in the Dragano bloodline stemmed from Robert Dragano, and over time the family tree fractured into two primary limbs: Dane & Dragano - Dragono having been retained by both Donovan and Abigail Dragano, who were rumored to have survived the dragon attack, but had remained hidden at the behest of Donovan who had a personal vendetta against his brother, Robert. The bloodline of Abigail claims that Donovan's knife had a special attribute to it, and Gerlocke may have used it to keep Lance alive, but in what form remains to be seen.

Second Era

The Butcher

Having lost his mother at age 5, Jacob was subjected to various methods of torture, abuse and psychological trauma at the hands of her murderer - his father. During his adolescence, Jacob sought vengeance against his father and slaughtered him entirely. Afterwards, Jacob disposed of the evidence by means of cannibalism and took on the persona of "The Butcher". Over the course of years, Jacob operated within an animalistic mindset and stalked people to murder them in cold blood for food to survive.

One day, Jacob happened upon a young girl named Larissa. She belonged to the Endrin family, but had adopted Jacob like one would adopt a family pet. Jacob blended right in, and was taught to restrain his compulsive murder sprees. He had instead perfected his technique stalking people in the shadows for those that dared to venture onto Endrin property that weren't invited. Today, the end of the spellblight had triggered 'fiend genes' within Jacob and revealed him to have devil heritage, likely a characteristic from ages past with Robert Dragano.

Present Day

The Mad Alchemist

In the present day and era, an aspiring alchemist, talented engineer and proven doctor by the name of Arceus Dane is born. Born with a debilitating condition due to arcanium poisoning, Arceus has had to spend the large part of his life with a special device strapped to his face powered by aranium to counter the effects of the arcanium. Despite these limitations, Arceus has proven to possess an intellect that is not easily matched, with an obsession for the unknown to go along with it.

In his travels looking for employment, Arceus happens across one Clyde Endrin who offers him a job. After seeing his talented prowess in the same fields as himself, Clyde hires the man as his doctor, engineer and alchemist all at once. Arceus eventually comes across information linking his bloodline with the Endrin via Jacob Dane so long ago, presumed to be dead at this point in time. Arceus quickly finds himself in a fiasco involving the dajara. His obsession with knowledge inadvertently lead to his employer's death. Along with another Endrin, Arceus aided in putting his employer out of his misery when he became indoctrinated. His employer's death allowed him to further study the process that killed him in the first place.

Larissa is the only one who remembers Jacob; therefore, she takes Arceus in and gives him permanent residency. At some point in time, Arceus is soon visited upon a mysterious tiefling claiming to have traveled from Cal‘Aranthe after so many years wondering why Arceus was dwelling within the manor. The being was none other than ex-human Jacob Lance Dane, much to Arceus’ surprise. With the two Danes re-united, Arc is more obsessed than ever with obtaining knowledge - doing whatever it takes to get it, even if it meant wiping out entire civilizations for it.

Arc's aspiration is to become as knowing as the gods, and prove them to be nothing more than powerful beings with fancy gadgets that far out-perform the modern era's technology. Because of his ambitions and abilities, the Endrin have officially labeled Arceus as being one of the most dangerous beings alive, surpassing Jacob's bloodlust with his genius. It is because of this that Larissa and company have kept him moderately bound to his laboratory and offices to which the mad alchemist is not complaining. He is a super weapon, and seeks to reunite other Danes to form their own clan.

What Arceus plans to do is unknown even to those whom he is servant to for he has chosen to take on the gods themselves.


Can I play a Dane character?

Absolutely, the family exists as a means of players finding something to RP to, just be sure to speak with player Josh first.

What are the restrictions to playing a Dane?

Your character must be of an evil alignment, and, in the history, must have overcome some near-death experience of absolute torment or pain (usually resulting in the character possessing some form of handicap (i.e. Arceus has arcanium poisoning and must wear a mask, this is reflected in his low str and low con. Jacob suffered from an extreme pathological psychosis which resulted in him spontaneously turning on his allies in battle, etc.)).

Icly, the character must at least start out by pledging loyalty and servitude to Larissa and the Endrin; however, should they, for any reason, drop that loyalty and/or turn good, then icly they would most likely be shunned by the other Danes. It is unknown to what extent the punishment will be for turning traitor to the family.

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