CR: By Class
Type: Humanoid (Dajara)
Enviroment: Deino Region
Alignment: Any

Dajara is a group of aberrations that came from the ether, The Great Dark Beyond, and are capable of great feats of construct crafting and selective breeding.

Dajara, however, remains a loose term relative to the entire species, as the race has evolved into several subspecies of its own race. The most original of these species resemble, greatly, the arachnid species.

Dajara have become quite diverse in their physical makeup. They often range from humanoid in appearance to beast-like. There are some strange cases where Dajara have taken on hybrid appearances, but these sciences are currently unknown to the modern world.


The Dajara originate from The Great Dark Beyond. Dajara that are currently on Aldium came from an astral ship known as the Klissa, a slaver vessel. In the year 3E 900, the same vessel crash-landed in Cal'Aranthe.

Many types of Dajara were said to have been discovered within the astral ship; however, only three have ever been classified. It's believed that the others went into hiding after the crash.

The Dajara's very existence is completely alien to the known world. Though troubling, the fact remains: they are now a part of it.

Types of Dajara

Nilzu Dajara: The old slavemasters and overseers of the Klissa.

Teshir Dajara: Six-armed dajara that came with the Klissa.

Nil'Dajara (playable race): The most common type of Dajara on Aldium, this is what most think of when they think Dajara.

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