Cults are typically personality-focused in some way rather than ideal based. The cult may involve a real or imagined figure,often times a relatively powerful being that the main populace may reject as a "true" deity. Often times, cult worshipers are not entirely ideological, but rather orchestrated for personal gain as the patrons of such a cult are sometimes accessible to petition for aid,often with a cost. Further cults survive and exploit the close-knit bonds with members, proving adept at remaining secretive and finding avenues to propagate their own flock into positions of power to evade the scrutiny or persecution of more firmly established religions.
The standard guise of secrecy, the personality-centric nature of the organizations, the access to privileged positions and the disdain for traditional enforcement that poses a risk of oppression makes for a organization which sets up a system quite beneficial for their own membership but detrimental for anyone outside even if just for the paranoia of maintaining common systems.


These gods fall under the Cult category and are not gods that are openly worshiped or by people. however, players can worship them. Those That worship the forbidden gods keep it a secret and rarely speak openly about it

Name Domain Alignment
Pennsilia The Goddess of Jealousy and Hatred Chaotic Evil

NPC Gods

These are the gods of madness, despair, destruction, and doom. They are utterly irredeemable beings of immense power whose very purpose is to bring about the downfall of all creation, though their exact methods and motivations vary. While it can be quite tempting to worship them for the quick power and instant gratification that they offer, only those completely blinded by these temptations, the most destructively mad, or the unrelentingly nihilistic become their most devout servants in their wicked acts.

These gods are not worshipable by players and are here for the purposes of reading material due to being in the games lore from time to time. unlike most gods, some of these gods require a knowledge dc to even know their name or any of their general information.

Name Domain Alignment Knowledge Religion DC
Hastur The King in Yellow Chaotic Evil 50
Mal God of Destruction Chaotic Evil 20
Sathl-Yigoth The Poison Neutral Evil 50
Toldoth Lord Of darkness Neutral Evil 10
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