Creeper Arena

DM Name:


250 ea.

200 gp ea.

Gwynn: -1 Cure Moderate Wounds
Zat: -2 MW arrows

Quest Date:

Quest Summary:
The party fought against three half-ogres, of whom they demolished with little to no effort, and a creeper with a zombie side-kick that was capable of combusting into flames. The creeper didn't appear a threat, with its extremely thin frame and lack of proper weapon damage; but what it lacked in strength and push, it more than made up for with a devastating black and foul-smelling paste — it was a poison, Drak (being the only one having been affected, Zatada succeeding at his fort save) quickly found, capable of reducing the target's physical strength. Drak said to hell with that though, and flipped out, went into a rage. Although Gwynn was dropped and bleeding on the ground before them, Draklaar and Zatada were able to bring down both the creeper and the zombie; they couldn't resist the blinding flash of light as a result of the creeper's demise, but they easily shook off the fire burst from the zombie once it fell. From this little fight, the party struck an interest in a certain gentleman….

DM Character Reward:
Memnoch: 1,500 xp / 2,166 gp

xp rewarded by: TorridLife

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