Confronting the Crimson Jester

xp rewarded by: TorridLife

Confronting the Crimson Jester




Xiel: +1,488XP, +1,450gp, -1 Common Arrow, +1 Cap of Buffering
Zerato: +1,488XP, +1,450gp, -4 Bolts, +1 Belt of Incredible Dexterity (+2), +1 Tiny layer of Umbral Dragonhide, +1 Large Layer of Red Dragonhide
Eyfura: +1,800XP, +1,450gp, -458gp, +1 Cold Iron Flail (Bane: Undead), +20 Arrows (Bane: Outsider-Evil)
Xan: +1,800XP, +1,450gp, -6,930gp, +1 Mask of a Thousand Tomes (, +1 Boots of Elvenkind


The party ventures up Loku's Tower, defeating a couple of powerful fiends on their way prior to the master's chamber where the greater devil general himself awaits the party. It was a lengthy battle; however, our heroes were able to vanquish the fiend. The jester almost escaped; however, a powerful knight with an aura of blasphemy surrounding him offered the fiend up as tribute to the daemon lich, Zeylon. The party was then told their next destination was to locate the devil general, Vanelle. This concludes the first chapter of the Devil Rising Saga.

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