Combat Traits

Combat traits are associated with combat, battle, and physical prowess; they give characters minor bonuses in battle and represent conflicts and physical struggles in the character’s backstory. The word "Society" in a traits name is meant to indicate that active membership in an organization of explorers and adventurers is required or expected.

Absolute Loyalty Your honor and service goes above and beyond.
Accelerated Drinker You know how to drink a potion efficiently.
Ambush Training You've learned that taking an enemy by surprise can end a combat before it begins.
Armor Expert You've worn armor as long as you can remember.
Axe to Grind There's a fire in your heart that can't be quenched.
Battlefield Disciple You're skilled at supporting your allies in the heat of battle.
Bloodthirsty You have a vicious streak, and nothing satisfies you more than warm blood on your hands and blade.
Bloody-Minded You're always ready for bloodshed.
Born to the Saddle You've spent all your life around horses, riding and caring for them.
Bullied You were bullied often as a child, and you're now constantly ready to defend yourself.
Careful Combatant You have a strong sense of self-preservation.
Courageous You're braver than most.
Cold and Calculating You're adept at tricking favored enemies of your race or those related to your race.
Crowd Dodger You spent much of your youth on crowded streets, dodging quickly around and under others.
Deft Dodger You learned to react fast.
Demon Smiter You grew up around those who fight the demons, and from their stories you learned about the demons' weaknesses..
Dirty Fighter You fight dirty.
Disillusioned Your childhood was ended by a great disaster or atrocity that you witnessed.
Dispelled Battler When deprived of magic, you fight harder.
Easy Way or the Hard Way You're skilled at subduing your enemies.
Fencer You can react better with blades.
Firebug You're good at throwing splash items.
Hard to Kill You're a tough opponent to take down.
Helpful You always know the best way to assist your companions.
Hidden Hand Your concealed weapons strike fast and true.
Hill Fighter You're used to fighting in hilly environments.
Holdout You learned the importance of being able to hold on to whatever you cared to keep.
Hunter's Knack When you watch and wait before attacking, your strike is true.
Indelible Ire When you're gravely wounded, you're stirred to greater combat focus.
Inspiring You inspire others in battle.
Inspiring Rush Your charge inspires nearby companions to new heights of daring.
Improvised Defense You're never defenseless, even when you're caught off-guard.
Jaded You've seen horror and death as far back as you can remember.
Jungle Fighter You're sure-footed in jungle environments.
Killer Your critical hits hurt.
Kin Guardian You're dedicated to defending members of your family.
Larger Than Life You wield firearms with truly terrifying menace.
No Escape You wield firearms with truly terrifying menace.
Pillager You learned quickly that you have only what you can hold—but you gain whatever you can take.
Reactionary You've developed an offensive response.
Recreational Fisherman From your many hours spent fishing, you've learned patience and stillness.
Reckless You have a tendency for rash behavior, often disregarding your own safety as you move across the battlefield.
Reckless Contempt You don't fear the threat of lesser weapons
Resilient You’ve built up your mettle.
River Fighter You're used to fighting while swimming.
Savanna Hunter You've been trained to hunt and fight on the open plains since birth.
Soaring Sprinter As a youth, you often leaped and ran at treacherous heights.
Strong Arm, Supple Wrist You've been trained to hunt and fight on the open plains since birth.
Steel Skin You're faster at donning or removing heavy armor than most, and begin play with a great helm.
Surprise Weapon You're skilled at fighting with objects not traditionally considered weapons.
Sworn Enemy You were raised with defiance, fear, or hatred of a particular sort of foe.
Tactician You know how to take advantage of enemies who are unprepared for your assault.
Vengeful You thrill at the chance to get back at those who wronged you.
Vigilant Battler You're hard to fool and harder to trick with a feint.
Weapon of Peace Even though you're a trained combatant, proficient with any number of weapons, you don't relish killing your enemies.
Witty Repartee You're quick with your tongue and have always possessed the talent to quickly admonish your enemies.
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