Cleric Spell list
Spell Name School Comp. Description
Antagonize Wound Necromancy Touch deals 1 point of damage each round to an injured creature.
Bleed Necromancy Cause a stabilized creature to resume dying.
Detect Magic Divination Detects all spells and magic items within 60 ft.
Detect Poison Divination Detects poison in one creature or small object.
Dim Evocation Dims light sources within 100 feet of object touched.
Guidance Divination +1 on one attack roll, saving throw, or skill check.
Light Evocation Object shines like a torch.
Read Magic Divination Read scrolls and spellbooks.
Resistance Abjuration Subject gains +1 on saving throws.
Spark Evocation Ignites flammable objects.
Stabilize Conjuration Cause a dying creature to stabilize.
Virtue Transmutation Subject gains 1 temporary hp.
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