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Regarding Starter Gear

Your character starts out with 50 gold and starter equipment based on your class. Starter gear has no value and cannot be sold. If you don't want it, simply delete it from your sheet.


Each class has a sheet format already tailor-made for it. Simply click on the link next to the class, then cut and paste the code. See Create new page for instructions how. You may also want to look at Getting Started if you're new.

Approval Required Classes

Some classes state 'approval required' to choose for character creation. Unfortunately, these classes are not available to new players. In addition to needing to understand the lore and content of the game that surrounds these classes, there are mechanics at play that have been proven to be too difficult for beginners. As such, approval is subject to DM discretion when a player is interested in creating more characters.


Melee classes specialize in martial combat. They typically possess large health-pools to keep them alive while they face off with their opponents face-to-face, and they rely on their physical prowess to win their battles as opposed to casting spells. They also wield a wide range of weapons all the way from greatswords to their bare hands, and have access to the strongest armor making them able to take the strongest hits and keep fighting.

Class Class Sheet
Barbarian Barbarian Sheet
Fighter Fighter Sheet
Monk Monk Sheet
Paladin (Approval Required) Paladin Sheet (Approval Required)


Spellcasters possess some of the lowest health pools in the game; however, they make up for their limited defensive capabilities with their spells. They can improve their allies' performance, debilitate the opponent, or rain fire down on an entire battlefield obliterating everything that stands in the party's path. They support the martials from the back lines, and some can even heal their wounded comrades, restoring those vast health pools to keep the fight going.

Class Class Sheet
Cleric (Approval Required) Cleric Sheet (Approval Required)
Druid (Approval Required) Druid Sheet(Approval Required)
Sorcerer Sorcerer Sheet
Wizard Wizard Sheet


Specialists do not restrict themselves to an either-or philosophy when it comes to combat. They possess a healthy balance of melee, ranged, and spell-casting that makes them versatile enough for almost any combat situation. They typically do, however, have specialization in a single trait that stands out such as the rogue's 'Sneak Attack' or the ranger's 'Favored Enemy' abilities.

Class Class Sheet
Bard Bard Sheet
Ranger Ranger Sheet
Rogue Rogue Sheet

Hybrid Classes

We encourage you to look at the many options below. Because these classes are hybrids, they are already considered to be multiclassed; therefore, they are unable to multiclass any further. We are confident that these classes will offer an even greater depth of options to our players. Have fun!

Class Class Sheet
Brawler Brawler Sheet
Hunter Hunter Sheet
Scholar Scholar Sheet (locked, under review due to core mechanic changes)
Skald Skald Sheet
Slayer Slayer Sheet
Vanguard Vanguard Sheet (locked, under review due to core mechanic changes)
Warpriest (Approval Required) Warpriest Sheet (Approval Required)

Playtest classes

These classes are still on its 1st development stages and depending on their progress may not be available for players. with that said these classes cannot multyclass and are subject to have major changes done to them as they are played.

Class Class Sheet
Sword Saint Sword Saint Sheet
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