Aliases: Iron Raven, Count Taran
Date Of Birth: 3E 804
Hair: Black
Eyes: Cobalt
Height: 6'1
Weight: 220
Race: Listran
Class: 8 Fighter 4 Bard
Alignment: Lawful Evil
God: Kamus
Level: 12
Hit Points: 124
Spell points: 12
Performance : 12 rounds
Experience: 238,368
Gold: 9,508
Current Status: Active
Played by Ken


Chronnis was a Listran man beyond 6 feet in height, with a chiseled, statuesque marble physique that was slithered with cobblestone cords and V planes of definition built for predatory grace and killing power, all framed in an angular visage with soft features deceptive of the capabilities of the flesh below. His pale blue eyes looked like sun-struck glaciers, and his inky hip-length mane splashed with the oil-sheen of a crow's plumage, swept back from his face by pointed ears.

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