The cestus is a glove of leather or thick cloth that covers the wielder from mid-finger to mid-forearm. The close combat weapon is reinforced with metal plates over the fingers and often lined with wicked spikes along the backs of the hands and wrists.

Benefit: While wearing a cestus, you are considered armed and your unarmed attacks deal normal damage. If you are proficient with a cestus, your unarmed strikes may deal bludgeoning or piercing damage. Monks are proficient with the cestus.

Drawback: When using a cestus, your fingers are mostly exposed, allowing you to wield or carry items in that hand, but the constriction of the weapon at your knuckles gives you a –2 penalty on all precision-based tasks involving that hand (such as opening locks).

Note: The prices and stats listed for the Cestus are for just one, not a pair.

Weapon Feature(s): Monk


These are the prices for this item when made with specific materials or enhancements.
Cestus Material Enhancements

Material Cost Hardness Hit Points Special
Steel $302 10 2 -
Adamantine $3,002 20 2 Bypass hardness less than 20
Iron, Cold 304 10 2 Magical enchantments cost an additional 2,000 gp.
Mithral 502 15 2 1/2 weight
Silver, Alchemical 322 8 1 −1 damage

1: The given costs include the masterwork component. The armor check penalties for masterwork armor and shields are lessened by 1.

Weapon Enhancements
Bonus Value Additional Cost Hardness Increase Additional HP
+1 $+2,000 +2 +10
+2 $+8,000 +4 +20
+3 $+18,000 +6 +30
+4 $+32,000 +8 +40
+5 $+50,000 +10 +50
+6* $+72,000 +12 +60
+7* $+98,000 +14 +70
+8* $+128,000 +16 +80
+9* $+162,000 +18 +90
+10* $+200,000 +20 +100

Increase total cost for magical enhancement by 2,000 gp for cold iron weapons.
Unlike the additional cost, the increase the weapon's hardness and hit points are only gained from its enhancement bonus, not its special abilities.

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